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17th «Experts Clip», Zurich, 14.03.2024

Cardano Staking ETP. Blockchain adoption is here to stay

Thursday, 14.03.2024, was a very special day for Florian Volery from Liqwid Finance, a liquidity protocol for lending and borrowing Cardano native assets. Users can deposit liquidity into a money market, earn interest and open over-collateralized loans directly, without intermediaries and in a secure manner. He rang the bell at the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) in Zurich at 09:30 am for the start of trading in the «Cardano Staking ETP». The ceremony was attended by numerous high-calibre guests from Switzerland and abroad. In his speech, Forian said that blockchain is a «once in a generation» opportunity. After much preparatory work, he and his team were overjoyed to be able to make such an interesting product available to Swiss and international investors via SIX. Thomas J. Caduff, CEO, Fundplat LLC