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St. Moritz

«Mountain Talks»

The 1st Fundplat «Mountain Talks» Annual Meeting takes place in St. Moritz from 1-2 September 2021. The production is from the Engadin and throughout the year from Zurich.

By Professionals. For Professionals.


The hub for our multimedia events «Mountain Talks» is a great hotel in St. Moritz. The world famous resort is legendary for innovation.

In the Engadin, smart people from renowned addresses from the world of finance meet physically and online: Switzerland, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The 1st Fundplat «Mountain Talks» Annual Meeting takes place in St. Moritz from 1-2 September 2021. Production will continue throughout the year.

Smart Minds, Well-Known Addresses, Successful Solutions

At the hybrid «Mountain Talks» with the hub in St. Moritz, smart minds from well-known addresses in the financial business with a focus on funds meet on site and via video. The format is tailor-made by professionals for professionals.

Team and Technology

We travel from Zurich to St. Moritz with a team of about ten: specialists in media, communication, photography and video. The latest technology is used to ensure that everything runs perfectly both on site and online.

High Visibility Across Many Borders

Through our large database and thanks to the cooperation with strong media partners, the videos and interviews are sent out in the seven-figure range throughout the year: Switzerland, Europe, Middle East and Asia.



Asia + Digital Finance + ESG + Family Offices + Gold + Healthcare + Impact + Leadership + Multi-Strategy + Real Estate + Women & Finance…

On the evening of arrival, Fundplat invites to the «Mountain Welcome Night». On the top of the mountain we are welcomed by the sounds of the alphorn.

On the second evening Fundplat invites to the «Mountain Dream Night». We are privileged to listen to lectures by lifestyle guests from St. Moritz on the subject of «Branding».

In addition to cultivating friendships, both days are dedicated to concentrated work. This will take place in two production rooms in the hotel and in the village of St. Moritz.

Under the Stars of the Upper Engadine

On the first evening Fundplat invites to a wonderful mountain peak. The view is breathtaking. Under the starry sky of the Upper Engadine, we enjoy local delicacies accompanied by folklore music and look forward to the hours spent together over the next days, which will also bring a lot of work.

Ambience to Dream In

The first production day is behind us. There is so much to tell. We do this to one of the most famous restaurants in the Alps. We are spoiled in an ambience that all participants will dream of for a long time to come. The evening ends after a few surprises around midnight.

Branding, Story Telling and Visibility

Digital marketing is rapidly gaining in importance. Companies that do not position themselves optimally are not among the winners in the market. The financial industry can learn a lot from lifestyle brands. At the second evening, three professionals will tell us how their brands are built, filled with life and cultivated.


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1st Fundplat «Mountain Talks» Annual Meeting
St. Moritz, 1-2 September 2021
By Professionals. For Professionals.