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Story Telling

Successful Cooperation

Ask us for the «Best Deals». We will gladly make you a tailor-made offer.

We look forward to working with you.



«Fundplat» (Multimedia & Events) is now also a video portal with open architecture for financial companies and professional investors in German-speaking countries.

Visibility and Marketing

You send us your videos to get more visibility. You can also use the jointly produced videos for your own marketing.


Fundplat is a leading player in the smartphone video business for the funds industry across its entire value chain. In Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg and Austria.

We use modern smartphone technology. Simple, fast and inexpensive.

There are currently two formats available: «One Way» and «Flip-in». In English or German.

Unlimited Flexibility

You can record the videos with your smartphone whenever and wherever you want. The upload is very fast.

Modern and Easy

Smartphone, tripod and microphone are sufficient. Being your own video producer is easy.

We are also pleased if you make videos under your own direction. You decide the format yourself.

We take over your videos quickly and easily. In German or English.

«Open End» Architecture

No matter whether you make the videos yourself or videos in cooperation with us, we always find the best solution together.

We Know

Internet technology is developing rapidly. Our team of specialists is always up to date.


Facts & Figures: 300 hours of video are uploaded per minute. 1 billion hours of video are watched per day. 2022 over 80% of internet traffic is generated by video.




The videos can be published on «Fundplat» (CH, DE, LU, AT), YouTube and ARIVA.DE.



The videos can be published at «Fundplat» (CH, DE). Statistic 2019: Sent: 268,897, Bounce Rate: 0.13%; Unsubscribe Rate: 0.00% (Source: SendGrid).


Social Media

These rounded numbers of manually selected contacts are available: LinkedIn: 9,800, Twitter: 1,100, Xing: 3,400 (04.2020).



The videos can be sent about 20,300x in total. Via our newsletters (CH, DE - ca. 6,000x) and our social media contacts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing - ca. 14,300x).