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Hey China! China’s fitness industry on the rise: Are you hungry to nab a market share?

China’s health and wellness business is flexing its muscles! D.A Belnavis Co-founder OXYGN™ 1 Million plus users, a China-based health and wellness platform, tells Dr. Shirley Yu 于泽 and Martina Fuchs the Chinese should be worried about their bulging waistlines and growing fatter, and explains why plans to tackle obesity remain a little thin.

• «I don't see any demand (for plant-based meat) in China. It would require a major marketing push»
• «Being healthy will be a status symbol»
• On mental health and Jack Ma's "966" work culture: «There is no data that demonstrates that the extra work actually produces any additional shareholder value»

Some key facts:
• Obesity in China is a top health concern: WHO says overall rates of obesity range between 5% - 6% but reach more than 20% in cities where fast food is popular
• Despite mushrooming Chinese plant-based “meat” makers and homegrown rivals to U.S. companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, the Chinese still want real meat on their plates
• According to Qingcheng Tech Company, the numbers of gym grew at a rate of 31.1% in 2018, reaching 98,000 across China - 18. Januar 2020