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#GenerationTrader: Addressing prejudice in your career

Prejudice and bias within the trading environment can impact traders directly as a result of gender, race, religion, sexuality and/or nationality. In some cases traders develop strategies to manage these effects, in others they simply try to carry on regardless.

Trader TV spoke with three senior traders about their personal experiences of bias and their approaches to handling it at the time, along with possible strategies to use when facing prejudice and advice around the support that traders can use to try and overcome the effects of bias.

We would like to thank Dwayne Middleton, global head of fixed income trading at T Rowe Price, Eunice Zhu, director, head of counterparty risk (XVA) trading at SMBC Nikko Capital Markets and Shekhar Karia, managing director equity derivatives at TP ICAP for helping us to analyse this issue.